An award-winning advertising solution

Stick’n Glide™ is a patented display that is produced with PVC or transparent PET.

Stick’n Glide™ is designed, printed, and manufactured through our network of partners in the USA. This allows us to meet our clients' needs for both product standards and lead times.


The original Stick’n Glide™ display has endless applications for powerful marketing. It can be used as a table stand or specials menu in the hospitality sector, or as a counter display in the retail, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electronics industries.

Stick'n Glide™ can also be used as a desk calendar.

We can work with you to design and create a custom Stick’n Glide™ to promote your company's product or service.


Grafisch Nieuws Award for Excellence: Best Display Concept

Febelga Prize: Best Calendar

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